These SLAS2017 Presentations are free to all until April 30th. 

Precision Immunology Through Deeper, Single Cell Profiling
In this talk, I will discuss my work at the intersection of these three trends, and demonstrate the value of new technologies for comprehensive and complete cellular analysis.
Case-study in consortium-based drug discovery: allosteric inhibition of the AAA ATPase p97
There has been a significant effort over the past decade to bring drug discovery to academia, but this comes with many challenges to balance the potential advantages. In academia, the focus on innovative technologies and novel biological targets encourages us to work on difficult or commercially underpowered problems in healthcare, but how do we develop a strong team with diverse expertise from relatively small and loosely affiliated academic labs?
High throughput acoustic mass spectrometry: Development and delivery of a biochemical screen
In the two years since receiving the 2015 SLAS Innovation Award, our acoustic mass spectrometry project has made significant progress towards a commercial instrument.
Vortex Biosciences Technology for Fast and Label-Free Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood Samples
Ultimately, liquid biopsies may allow earlier detection and more personalized treatment of cancer.
HTS Tumor: Stroma Co-Culture Spheroid Platform Reveals CAF-Specific Chemotherapeutic Targets
This work may hopefully expand the target space of chemotherapeutics to include cancer cell extrinsic targets that modify the tumor microenvironment to alleviate disease.
Droplet microfluidic 3D tumor models for cancer screening
Here we describe a robust, Microfluidic technique to generate 3D tumors, which resembles tumor microenvironment and can be used as a more effective preclinical drug testing and screening model.
Emerging Fluorescence Technology to Study the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Organelles within Cells
This presentation will discuss new imaging methods that can overcome these roadblocks, focusing on their potential for clarifying subcellular organelle dynamics.