Modular, Fully-Integrated or Collaborative Automation?

Recorded On: 05/18/2017

The establishment of the AstraZeneca-Medical Research Council UK Centre for Lead Discovery has led to revamping our screening infrastructure to embrace next generation HTS automation.  This webinar will recap AZ’s experience: reviewing what works, what scientists like and most importantly what best conforms to the demands of the assay. The presenter will also present AZ’s vision for scalable, modular automation that can be efficiently deployed across customer demand. In conclusion the webinar will summarise the project learnings in the areas of collaborative robotics, remote operation and unforeseen benefits.

Mark Wigglesworth

Lead, AstraZeneca Global High Throughput Screening Centre

Mark Wigglesworth now leads AstraZeneca’s Global High Throughput Screening Centre having previously work at GlaxoSmithKline on early stage drug discovery, target validation, sample management and screening. He is an active member of the European Laboratory Research and Innovation Group (ELRIG) including co-director responsibility for their Research and Innovation conference. Mark has contributed numerous publications in the field of GPCR pharmacology, hit identification and compound management including editing a book on Management of Biological and Chemical Samples for Screening Applications. Throughout his career he has maintained an active interest in technology and how automation can be utilised in a pharmaceutical environment.

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