Microfluidics and Commercial Success? Experience and examples of the last 16 years.

Recorded On: 02/06/2018

The presenter has built a group of companies over the last 16 years which exploit Microfluidics in a wide range of ways. Using Microfluidics to make products such as:
- Pioneering the field of flow chemistry
- microfluidic components
- microfluidic 3d printing
- particle engineering
- Single cell Biology
During this time, the Dolomite part of the group was also a leading consulting team in microfluidics, and attacked challenges in very varied application areas from the oil industry, through food, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to name a few. As a result of this history the presenter has extremely diverse knowledge and experience of the successes and failures of exploitation of microfluidics, as well as understanding why these outcomes were arrived at. This coupled with the presenter having been an Editorial board member of the RSC Journal "Lab on a Chip" since 2012 gives yet another insight from the academic perspective. The presenter will try to help the audience to understand the factors that have shaped successes and failures to ensure that future ventures try to avoid the pitfalls of the past.

Mark Gilligan

Blacktrace Holdings Ltd


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