MALDI-TOF-MS - A label free technology for high throughput screening

Recorded On: 02/05/2018

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an emerging technology for identifying and characterizing molecules that modulate biological targets, offering a label free, direct detection method. This technology enables the application of more physiologically relevant assays and reduces time and costs compared to current classical approaches increasing the efficiency of the drug discovery process.

In the past, the throughput of MS-based assay technologies was limited, but recent developments in the field of MALDI-TOF-MS devices and spotting technologies substantially increased the ability for miniaturization and speed of such approaches. However, the application of MALDI is based on a matrix-compatible sample preparation step and is limited to a certain space of analytes. This requires the identification of MALDI compatible, physiological relevant assay conditions, as well as development of fast and reproducible liquid handling procedures. The talk will shed light on challenges in this process and provides results of this application in high throughput screening projects.

Frank Buettner

Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.KG

Laboratory Leader

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