Clinical Biobanking: Patient Engagement in Drug Development: What Patients Have to Offer and What They Want You to Know

Engaging patients in research and clinical trial design has grown since the mid-1980s, when doctors still debated the ethics of informing patients of lifelong diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS). The Accelerated Cure Project, a research-focused patient advocacy organization for MS, supports initiatives such as iConquerMS, a worldwide research network to connect patients and collect biosamples and phenotypic data. This webinar will explore iConquerMS and other Project programs in the context of biorepositories, patient data, and advocacy.

Hollie Schmidt

VP of Scientific Operations, Accelerated Cure Project

Ms. Schmidt is the VP of Scientific Operations at the Accelerated Cure Project, a research-focused patient advocacy organization for MS. She has planned, developed, and directed numerous initiatives aimed at creating research resources and bridging different stakeholder communities. These initiatives include iConquerMS, a PCORI-funded patient-powered research network for MS; the MS Minority Research Engagement Partnership Network; the ACP Biorepository; and the ACP Clinical Research Network.

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